SuperCreative 3D Graphic Design & Illustration Leicester

SuperCreative 3D Graphic Design & Illustration Leicester

SuperCreative 3D Ltd is a creative design agency, specialising in 3D graphic design and visualisation. Based in Leicester, UK which is around an hour’s train journey away from London, we provide 3D work all around the world.

We have been using 3D design software since the early 90’s, over the years a lot has changed with the software & hardware enabling us to create superior high resolution photographic visualisations in a range of formats to suite each individual project depending on your requirements.


During the last 13 years we have been the creative mind behind a wide range of projects for a wide range of clients, not matter what size the project or client we always create & deliver work to an extremely high standard to accomplish your project brief. We provide a wide range of 3D graphic design services & although we are based in Leicester we are able to provide  our 3D graphic design services not matter where you are based in the world.

We have a wide client base not only based here in the UK Leicester but also all around the world such as Australia, United States, The Far East & Asia. So if you require professional 3d design in Leicester, UK or anywhere else in the world please get in touch.


3D Options:

Photorealistic Graphics

3D data can be used to create photorealistic images & animations, these can then be manipulated in various ways and outputted in various forms of media such as print, movies, web, interactive media & many more.

3D Modelling

We can create 3D models from anything such as a rough sketch, photos, 2D Cad data or full high end 3D Cad data which we can use a wide range of 3D formats from most of the current 3d software, please contact us for further details.

Interactive Web Apps

We can create various interactive possibilities, this allows the user to view, change & interact with the 3D data on the web & with other media. Colour/material changes, animated walk-through, exploded views are just a few options.